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Everyday Mindfulness – 1-day Workshop
Bardon 10-4pm
$129/$99 concession  

Are you time-pressed and juggling the pressures of a busy life? MINDFULNESS is an essential skill for thriving in a modern, fast-paced world.

Join our 1 day Everyday Mindfulness workshop and declutter your mind and learn to live with greater presence, balance and ease.

Learn simple skills that will transform the way you live such as:
• Manage stress, exhaustion & irritability more effectively
• Be less emotionally reactive and more balanced
• Enjoy a greater sense of ease, calm and contentment
• Improve the quality of your relationships (both at home and at work)
• Significantly improve your focus, productivity and creativity

In this highly experiential workshop you will learn how to:
– relax and settle your mind
– maintain focus and be more present
– react less and respond more
– develop a regular practice

Monthly Practice Groups

2019 Dates TBA
Bardon 2–4pm
$100 (any 4 sessions), Drop-ins $30

Join our practice groups and enjoy the benefits of a regular mindfulness practice. We help build and support your practice with simple exercises that you can implement daily in your busy life. 

By joining our groups, you are also joining the MindSpace community, giving you an opportunity to connect with others, deepen your practice and learn more about mindfulness. 

Suitable for all levels.

There’s no time like the present – join our Practice Group, discover your MindSpace and start feeling the immediate benefits of mindfulness.

Date & Venue coming soon

A unique evening of mindful wine tasting. Discover how wine tasting can be an exercise in mindfulness and can offer a new way of appreciating and enjoying what you drink. Through a range of guided practices we will engage all of our senses to experience wine as it is received by the eyes, nose and mouth, focusing on details such as colour, smell, texture and taste. It will be a fun and relaxing evening that will offer a taste of how mindfulness can help you find your ‘MindSpace’ by focusing your attention on the present moment, which with practice will help restore a sense of calm and balance to your life.

This event is open to all, no matter what your previous mindfulness or wine tasting experience. The evening will consist of wine, canapes and guided practices. Read more about a previous event in this Indulge Magazine article.

There’s no time like the present – so join us for Winefulness!

Mindfulness – A Modern Path to Enlightenment
Date & Venue TBC
Workshop (3hrs)  $60 / $50 concession

A practical and contemporary approach to the goal of this ancient practice: enlightenment / self-awareness / awakening / nirvana / heaven / etc. What is it and how do you get there? This workshop will involve teaching, guided practices, discussions and Q&A. 


Mindfulness Training & Development Coaching

Meet life’s challenges with awareness, resilience and inner calm
Transform your life and realise your potential

• Increase clarity & focus
• Reduce stress and manage anxiety
• Regain balance & improve performance
• Find your inner peace and happiness



What We Do

Our VISION is to globally develop human potential through mindfulness.

We SERVE individuals and workplaces committed to lasting change and growth.

We BELIEVE that everyone can experience deeper awareness, inner peace and happiness.

We are unique in teaching a path of mindfulness that, through regular practice, will lead to lasting change and the end of stress. You will learn how to manage your mind and gain greater focus, clarity, creativity and productivity and access to increasing insight and intuition. In doing so you will feel more calm, inner peace and happiness. From this new perspective or ‘MindSpace’, you can fundamentally change your life.

We are able to support your growth through a combination of Mindfulness Training & Mentoring and Coaching services. Mindfulness provides the platform to manage your mind and Coaching provides the tools to create a life of your own design. We work with you to realize your potential. We help you create positive change, shift your mindset & change limiting beliefs so that you can define your life goals and create actions to achieve them.

This powerful combination is unique to Changing MindSpace – we work with you to live your best life – balancing ambition, achievement and life goals with wellbeing, wisdom and compassion.

We apply the same practices and approach to workplaces – helping organisations build more positive and mindful cultures, creative & productive teams and mindful leaders. We work with clients to build customized workplace solutions & programs, provide inspirational keynote talks and one-off presentations.

We run public courses, workshops and retreats and offer private teaching and coaching.


Mindfulness Development & Wellness Programs

Many workplaces – including Google, GE, Microsoft and the US Marines – recognise the benefits of mindfulness for individual well being and productivity.  Research shows that corporate cultures of mindfulness can improve employee focus, ability to manage stress and how employees work together.

We offer tailor-made Workplace Mindfulness Development & Wellness Programs that are scientifically backed, measurable and customised to your specific corporate needs and strategy. Our programs aim to build practical foundation skills in mindfulness and stress management through experiential learning. We educate, inspire and give exercises that can be immediately implemented in your workplace to promote greater focus, productivity and creativity. Your staff’s overall well-being & resilience will improve and you will build more collaborative, compassionate workplaces.

Whether you want a one off session, keynote speech or a program we can help you develop more mindful teams & leaders and more mindful-based cultures. Our programs combine content and practice and may include exercises, one-to-one sessions, group activities and coaching. Online learning & support may also be added to support the habits & practices and integration of a mindful attitude & approach to your workplace. 

Our programs and presentations cover a variety of topics including:

  • mindful, purpose driven leadership;
  • building mindful & collaborative teams;
  • mindful meetings & communication; and
  • creating mindful-based cultures.

For further information on how we can help you create a more mindful, conscious driven work force please contact us. 



Do you often feel overwhelmed?

Are you struggling to find more balance, purpose and happiness in your life?

Are you juggling the changing demands of careers, families and relationships?

Do you feel stuck on a treadmill – not achieving the things you want out of life?

Are you in a job that you fell into rather than pursuing the things you love?

Are you experiencing a significant life change –

starting a business, going through a divorce, a mid-life crisis or retiring?


Do you want to step up that career, build that business, pursue your passion, 

be a better parent, partner or friend?

Do you have a personal or professional life goal you want to achieve?

We all seek progress in our life – not just achievement and material things – but a life of growth, one we consciously choose and actively create. Living a meaningful & connected life – one that brings joy and happiness is possible and easier than you think.

Our Services and Resources are here to guide you towards a more conscious, purpose driven life with greater balance and more inner calm, resilience and happiness. Mindfulness provides the platform to manage your mind – find more calm and reduce stress in your daily life.  With this, you may find that you gain greater clarity and focus and that you start thinking about the life that you want to live rather than the one you might have settled for.

Coaching provides the tools to create a life of your own design. We support you to take action towards your goals and encourage small, daily action towards lasting change and growth. The more action you take, the easier it becomes to take bigger and bolder steps towards the life you want.

We work with individuals and workplaces to help them solves problems, find solutions and take action. We focus on your strengths, personal resources and capabilities to define your vision and goals in any aspect of your life:- work, career, family, health, relationships and personal growth. We work with you to set an action plan for achievement and to take the small steps that eventually lead to the big changes. We support greater self-awareness and will help you identify and overcome the self-limiting beliefs & thoughts that may be holding you back. We will challenge and empower you to grow in new and exciting ways with new perspective and clarity.

If you are ready to take control of your life and realise your potential please contact us for a FREE 20 minute session to directly experience how coaching can benefit you.

To make book a session or for further information please contact us.


Mindfulness for Students, Teachers and Parents

Many of us lead busy and stressful lives. Students, teachers and parents today are faced with constant pressure and chronic stress which can result in life long mental & physical health problems.  This can lead to anxiety, frustration, depression and burnout. We work with school communities to build stronger, more mentally healthy communities.  

Scientific research supports the benefits of mindfulness interventions including:-

  • Improved attention & focus
  • Increased self-regulation & control
  • More adaptable & flexible
  • Greater empathy, compassion & kindness
  • Less reactivity & more inner calm
  • Greater emotional resilience

We offer:-

  • Tailor made teacher development programs
  • Mindfulness courses and talks for student
  • Mindful parenting courses

If your school community is interested in finding its MindSpace and start enjoying the benefits of Mindfulness please contact us. 


Looking for an inspiring keynote speaker? We offer presentations on a variety of topics related to Mindfulness and conscious living including:

  • Mindful leadership
  • Mindfulness in the workplace
  • Developing a Mindful workplace culture 
  • Mindfulness for stress management
  • Mindfulness at work and home
  • Mindful parenting
  • Mindfulness for creativity
  • Building Mindful communities (for schools & educational institutes)

For further information on how we can help you with your next conference or keynote presentation please contact us.  


Our retreats are profoundly restorative and transformative. Each retreat has an element of personal practice – which becomes deeper and longer depending upon your existing Mindfulness practice. We practice together, share stories and tap into our inner calm, self awareness and happiness.

We offer a range of retreats including:

  • tailor made Corporate retreats;
  • 1-2 day Urban retreats; and
  • local & international retreats (for longer, deeper practice).

After a retreat you may feel inspired to attend our monthly Practice Groups or want to take positive action in your life through Coaching. We are here to support you, develop your practice and realise your potential. 

To find out more about upcoming retreats please contact us.



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