Manish Singh

Mindfulness Expert
Keynote Speaker

Manish, founder of Changing MindSpace, is one of Australia’s most experienced Mindfulness practitioners and teachers.  He was born in India and grew-up in California where he studied evolutionary biology at the University of California, San Diego.

Manish was raised in a family with a history of Mindfulness practice and teaching stretching back many generations – he embodies Mindfulness. He started practicing as a child and was raised in the traditional vipassana approach. Manish completed his practice in 2002 and has been teaching full-time since then.  Changing MindSpace is an evolution and expansion of Brisbane Mindfulness which he started in 2012.

Manish has worked with a variety of public and private sector organisations including: Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, QLD Police, The Commonwealth Administrative Appeals Tribunal, ACCC, QLD Health, Brisbane City Council, UQ Medical School and many others.

Manish also enjoys working with schools and universities providing teachers and students with Mindfulness practices they can use to manage stress and anxiety and gain greater calm and focus.  Manish has worked with a number of educational institutes including: Brisbane Grammar School, Brisbane Girl’s Grammar, The Gap SHS, Mt St Michael’s and QUT.

Manish is passionate about helping individuals and workplaces find their MindSpace and in doing so find more calm, inner peace and happiness. If you are interested in working with Manish please contact him at

Simone Schofield

Personal & Professional Development Coach
Wellbeing Consultant
Mindfulness Enthusiast

Simone is a passionate supporter of people who are ready to step up and realise their potential.

With over 15 years’ experience in management consulting – Simone’s early career involved working with clients build organisational excellence through performance improvement. She has a knack for building relationships, planning and inspiring action.

Simone is an engaging and social person and loves connecting and motivating people. In many ways, mentoring and coaching have always been a part of who she is and naturally align with her deep curiosity and desire to serve. Simone has lived and worked abroad and has been fortunate enough to meet people from all walks of life – each with their own story and unique map of the world. These opportunities give her a different perspective and insight into the daily joys and struggles we all face. No matter where she is, she sees people striving to live more balanced, connected, and authentic lives – we all seek a greater sense of purpose, wellbeing & happiness in our everyday.

Simone combines her professional skills, life experiences, strengths and passions into her coaching. She practices mindfulness and has pursued studies in mindfulness, positive psychology and coaching.  She is passionate about learning and evidence based research which support personal growth, emotional health, positive mindset and happiness.  She is a firm believer in change and growth through action and now seeks to powerfully serve clients live more meaningful and impactful lives.

Simone has worked with clients from around the world. So if you’re ready to move forward, take action, improve your relationship with yourself & others and live aligned with a sense of purpose please contact her at

Candi Kelly

Business Manager

Candi has worked as an advertising executive for several publications including B2B Magazines, The Courier Mail and The Gold Coast Bulletin. She has run her own successful business employing a team of marketers, worked on a Barramundi fishing boat, in a Plantation Pine forest, weeded watermelons, sold art work door to door and danced for money.

Candi has been interested in the mysteries and complexities of the human condition for most of her life and has spent many years traveling and studying various teachings.  She has enjoyed the hospitality of Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Sufis, Muslims to name just a few and has relished the opportunity to develop a deeper insight into the fascinating variables and similarities in the human quest for knowledge and inner peace. By working alongside Manish for the last 2 years, she has enjoyed the opportunity to learn from his unique ability to combine the ancient wisdom of the East with the modern science of the West in his teachings.

Candi is responsible for business administration at Changing MindSpace – including managing our bookings and digital content.

For further assistance or to make a Changing MindSpace booking please contact her at