“The Mindfulness sessions were a pause in the day to collect my thoughts and step away to breathe. I learnt to manage my stress at work, be aware of my physical reactions to stress, and to calm the clatter in my mind. I have found that since the sessions I can manage my tasks without stress, breathe and take time to focus and that my mind wanders less. The experience was so valuable for me, I learnt techniques that I will use for years to come. I highly recommend Changing MindSpace.”

Nikki Fraser, HR Advisor (corporate program)

“Manish Singh from Changing Mindspace recently presented an insightful session on mindfulness at a conference for our top sales performers.  His teachings included applicable principles and methodologies and empowering the group to control their own stress levels with simple practices.

Manish provided a fascinating tour of our neurological makeup and how our brain receptors are programmed. His explanations were well considered and not over engineered, providing essential information of the steps to mindfulness.

Manish is highly engaging, drawing the audience in with his warm humour.  He brings everyday scenarios into his presentation which were relatable to the group.

Thank you Manish, we look forward to working with you again in the near future.”

Felicity Empson,  HR Director (Ranstad)


“Manish brings a fun & engaging touch to the powerful practice of mindfulness.  So wonderful to combine the sensory experiences of fine wine and food with a calming mind settling feeling”

Carole (Winefulness attendee)

“I find mindfulness extremely beneficial to my life as a primary teacher. Manish is infinitely kind, calm and embodies precisely the presence I wish to use with my students”

Yvette VanSchaemelhout

“Manish’s teachings have really taught me how to value the effectiveness of a single breath.  His background is a perfect mix of understanding of western viewpoints, but he also intimately knows and understands the historic practice. He is so easy to listen to and to understand.”

Caitlin Sharp

“Simone has made me realise my true potential at a time when I was going through a low point due to a bad start-up experience. Thanks to her coaching sessions, I was able to completely rediscover myself and realise what I am capable of.  She motivated me to start looking for new opportunities and helped me develop a plan for moving forward. She also provided sound practical advice which has helped get me on my way to my best project yet.”

Shahrukh, Senior Inside Sales Manager, London

“I look forward to my coaching sessions with Simone.  She is a highly skilled, generous & gifted coach who helped me increase my self-awareness, remove blocks and take action towards my goals. I remain sincerely grateful for her input in my life as I continue on my path to be the best version of myself”

Anne Ryan, Project Manager, Melbourne